Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Louis Tomlinson Tattoo

IF LOUIS TOMLINSON paid an artist to think up this tattoo design he should ask for his money back.

The basic stickman on a skateboard was inked on the ONE DIRECTION singer’s arm earlier this week in London.
Louis has been spotted skateboarding around venues to pass the time on the band’s tour.
There’s no way his managers would let him on a half-pipe though.
He’d end up like WESTLIFE – singing from a stool.
Sorry Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but as far as naff tattoos go, these have surely got to be up there.
Both One Directioners unveiled some odd new designs as they stopped by Manchester's Key 103 radio station yesterday.
Harry has added to his growing collection of inkings by having a three leaf clover, some zigzags, a key, a 99p price tag and some writing on his wrist.

He's also had the words 'Things I Can't' on his forearm. We're guessing they all have a very deep meaning.
Harry's only just recently had a birdcage, some comedy masks and an iced gem added to the inside of his bicep and ribcage.


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