Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cross Tattoos Designs

Do you know that cross tattoos designs have several meanings? It is likely that the first thing that will pop your mind is their religious symbolism. However there are other meanings that they characterize hence you should dig deeper into these meanings before you go for this design.

This article will talk about the different reasons why you should get a cross design for a tattoo:
1. As a symbol of Christianity - This is the most significant meaning of cross tattoos designs. Several people would say that this is their honest means to convey their faith by wearing lasting resolution near their body.

2. To provide a Celtic symbol - This kind of tattoo would come with a Latin cross that has a circle on it. Most of the time, the circle is centered on top of the place wherein the two lines within the Latin cross would intersect. Celtic tattoos combine religious and mystic symbolism. It is believed that this is the means for one Christian to be saved from damnation. On the other hand, the circle is used to represent the circle of life, wherein the life and death is recurring and something eternal. There are also Celtic crosses with knots all through the design. Due to the fact that these knots are never-ending, they offer the same meaning like with the circle.

3. To symbolize the St. Andrew's cross - This one is not the same with the traditional 'T' design because this kind would depict an 'X'.
There are other meanings of cross tattoos designs which will give you the chance to look for that right kind for you own needs. You can browse the internet to look for designs you like. Then search further to see what the image truly depicts. When you are done, it is time to get inked!


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